Welcome to the Telicraft Wiki! In here, you can find information on the Telicraft Minecraft Mod.

You might be here for many, many reasons. You might just need to know how to get your head around the block and items crafted with Adamant, or you might have been putting random items in the Crafting Table and discovered the Mega Stick. You might have just found an Impact Crater and want to know how to make a Meteor Bomb with the Meteor Dust that came out of it. You might have found a dungeon and found out about Peppers and Tomatoes, or you maybe want to make some Pizza? Or maybe the vanilla Furnace is too slow for you and you want a shiny new Adamant Furnace?

There are many blocks and items in Telicraft, possibly in the future so much that you will explode? Nah, Telicraft's a small mod.

Also, please check out the credits list.

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