Potion of Randomness
Potion of Randomness

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The Potion of Randomness is probably the most useless potion from Telicraft. When you drink it, it will do random stuff to you. It's currently the last potion that was added.

Recipe Edit

The potion is a shapeless recipe. The potion of Nigh Vision must have 3:00 as its duration. 8:00 will not work.

Ingredients Input » Output
Potion of Night Vision + Ender Pearl
Crafting GUI.png

Potion of Night Vision

Ender Pearl

Potion of Randomness

Effects Edit

When drank, the potion wil inflict one of these effect sets for 2 minutes:

  1. Night Vision I and Weakness I
  2. Haste I and 5 hearts of damage
  3. Invisibility I and Wither I
  4. Regeneration I and Hunger I
  5. Jump Boost IV and Poison I

Trivia Edit

  • The tooltip of the potion is yellow and it displays random garbage. It actually reads "Random Effect", however it has a "§k" before it, which makes Minecraft replace the characters with random ones.