Welcome to the official plugin tutorials! This page will teach you how to make a plugin for Telicraft and also how to use Telicraft in a non-plugin mod.

Getting started Edit

First, you will need to set up MCP. If you are adding Telicraft support, don't do it. After that, you will need to download Telicraft and Buildcraft. Telicraft's GitHub repository is here and Buildcraft's is here. Click the "ZIP" button above the file tree to download.

Adding the files to the workspace Edit

This step will differ depending on which workspace setup you are using. Refer to the proper section.

Minecraft Coder Pack Default Workspace Edit

If you are using the Eclipse workspace that comes with MCP, do the following: 1. Find your mcp folder. 2. Open up src and then minecraft. 3. Open up the Telicraft's .zip. Open up the telicraft_common folder and drag the files from the archive into the folder. Do the same for the telicraft_resources folder. 4. Open up Buildcraft's .zip. Open up "common" and drag "buildcraft" into the same folder. From "buildcraft_resources", copy "lang", "gfx" and "mods". 5. Launch up Eclipse!

Pahimar's customized workspace Edit

It is really easy to use his workspace: 1. Open up Telicraft's .zip and drag both folders into the place where you keep your mod source codes. 2. Open up Buildcraft's .zip. Drag in the "common" folder and rename it to something like "buildcraft_common". Make a new folder called something like "buildcraft_resources". Open up "buildcraft_resources" from the .zip and drag "lang", "gfx" and "mods" into the new folder. 3. Setup the two projects like you would with other mods. Make sure you make your project require "Telicraft". Also add Telicraft and Buildcraft to your run configuration.

Further reading Edit

If you don't want to install Buildcraft, it's very simple. In the "telicraft_common" folder, navingate to "telinc", then "telicraft" and delete "bcIntegration". After that, remove all references to it from Eclipse.

If you don't have or don't want to install NotEnoughItems, simply delete "neiIntegration" from the directory mentioned above.

This is it for this tutorial. In the next tutorial, I will show you how to use the API.